Hurricane Matthew Damage

23rd October 2016
As you probably know by now, the entire southeast coast of the US greatly affected by the recent hurricane named Matthew. Locally our area known as the Grand Strand suffered damage to just about every inch of our ocean front area. One place that took a hard blow was the Springmaid Pier complex. This old wooden pier is part of the Springmaid hotel, and convention center and was the longest wooden pier on the Grand Strand. As you can see from the photos I shot just a couple of days after the storms passing, it's a total loss. Hilton Hotels had recently purchased the Springmaid Complex and are undecided as to what to do. Rebuild the pier, rebuild and shorten it considerably, Tear it down completely, or replace with a stronger concrete structure.

These are a couple of early morning shots taken several days after Hurricane Matthew passed.

Here is shot from the left side of the pier later in the day. This should help to give you some perspective as to how much of the pier was lost due to the storm.